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Let’s Talk Tofu

Tofu is on my mind today because it’s Friday.  Friday is date night, but this Friday also apparently has a lot of hot basketball action on the TV.  So my husband cleverly suggested bringing home Chinese-food take-out tonight instead of going out to our usual favorite Friday-night steakhouse.

I love Chinese take-out, not to mention it’s about $60.00 less than the steakhouse.  So I’m all for it – that’s $60.00 I could (potentially) put in my Beyond Band of Brothers travel fund, after all.

I always get the same thing, too, Tofu Veggie Delight.  I love it!

As if that wasn’t enough, this morning I really decided to go to town with the tofu.  I whipped up a batch of Tofu “Mayonnaise” and Tofu “Egg Salad”.  Yum.

Here’s the thing about tofu.  Some people say it’s really bad for you.  Like, so bad it might make a man grow boobs.  Some people say it’s a miracle food that will save mankind (and cow-kind) from death, destruction, and hardening of the arteries.  Hmmmm.  I don’t really know what to think, so after carefully weighing all the dangers, I just decided tofu will continue to appear in my diet a few times a week, because I like it.

Another good thing about tofu is you get to use  just about all of it.  There’s no ooky waste products, like with chicken or beef, or even fish, that are too yucky to eat.  I checked; I weighed the 16 oz slab of tofu I used this morning for the “Egg Salad”; it came in at 14 oz.  The shrinkage is due to the fact that you have to give extra-firm tofu a good squeezin’ before you can use it, because it’s packaged in liquid.  Maybe with a whole chicken up to 1/3 is stuff you can’t (like bones) or don’t (like skin, yuk!) want to eat.  A 16 oz package of tofu is $1.98 at my grocery, but you get to eat almost that whole entire pound.

So this morning I had 3 oz of “Egg Salad” on top of one slice of sourdough toast.  That works out to about 200 calories.  Not too shabby for some high-quality protein.   It really looks like the real thing, too, doesn’t it?  But how does it taste?

I love tofu, so I think it’s great.  Also, this particular recipe  has some nice yummy spices in it like cumin, hot curry, and turmeric.  So that is really tasty.  But to tell you the truth, it doesn’t taste anything like real egg salad.  It tastes like crumbled up tofu mixed up with spicy tofu mayonnaise.  Also, I didn’t use a ton of Tofu Mayonnaise, so it was a little on the dry side for an “Egg Salad” sandwich.  Which is fine by me, because I love dry sandwiches.  But I could always add more Tofu Mayonnaise if I wanted too (which I don’t).

So the moral of this story is: if you’re afraid of growing man boobs, plus you really hate tofu stay FAR FAR AWAY from the stuff.  But if those two things aren’t an issue for you,  Bon Appetit!






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